Hey! I'm Aidan. (otherwise known as Rainbowlemon)

I'm a front-end developer & UI/UX designer based in Manchester, UK.

I am currently contracting under my limited company Polyprism - contact us to find out our availability!

New Tab Clock

Google Chrome Webstore

Created for myself, this simple page replaces Chrome's 'New Tab' page with a clean, minimal clock, and is now being used by over 10,000 people.

New Tab Clock - analogue screenshot
New Tab Clock - digital screenshot



A three-person startup (which unfortunately never got off the ground) created to help businesses simplify and optimise their national insurance contributions to save money. The marketing website was designed and developed in Photoshop + Vue.

SalarySeed homepage
SalarySeed video preview
SalarySeed how it works page

Ceri Wood

ceriwood.com / ceriwoodmusic.com

Web design & development for my partner, who is a singer and photographer. The JS is outdated by today's standards (using jQuery), but the music player on ceriwoodmusic.com was coded by myself, as was the image loader & slider on ceriwood.com.



I am an avid redditor and a huge fan of minimalism, both in design and lifestyle, so I adopted full moderation of the subreddit /r/minimalism and redesigned it to fit the subject. I still moderate and frequent the sub on a regular basis, which is now home to over 850k subscribers!

/r/minimalism homepage design

Point Me There

Point Me There is a mobile app (created in HTML5 and converted using Phonegap) to point you directly to a location using GPS only. It is ideal for navigating abroad when you want to avoid data usage, for country walks when you can't get any signal, or anywhere where maps may not be the best solution.

Point Me There screenshots



Manta is Everlution's white-label HR application for small to medium-sized companies, and is culmination of three years of design and development across eight different colleagues. The frontend is built with Backbone & Marionette.

Manta Homepage
Manta Homepage - alternate design
Manta Internal pages
Manta Internal page
Manta Mobile screenshots

Manta Iconfont

A bespoke iconfont for Everlution Software, created specifically for one of the projects because of the unique nature of illustrations required.

Manta Iconfont

EFT Mind

Book cover design for eftmind.com

The finished book cover can be seen on the EFT Mind website.

EFT Mind book cover design

Law Business Research

Another project created at Everlution Software, these designs were for an internal marketing/tracking app for LBR called 'Asgard'. The front-end development code is under an NDA, but it was produced with HTML, CSS and Javascript, using Backbone & Marionette as the framework.

LBR Asgard homepage
LBR Asgard product page
LBR Asgard new statistics page

Vivo Miles

vivomiles.com (now Vivo Class)

During my time at Everlution Software, I did a lot of work for Vivo Miles, one of our partner companies. Amongst this work was a redesign and build for their front-end website. This design and development was finished, from wireframe to final build, in just under three weeks.

Vivo Miles - School rewards system
Vivo Miles - About page
Vivo Miles - Why Vivo page
Vivo Miles - For Schools page



When I first started at Everlution Software, their website was a placeholder without branding. I was tasked to update it, so I produced an array of logo proposals, stationery and website design proposals, and the favourites got spliced into everlution's new brand. I then went on to build the website in PHP.

Everlution logo icon proposals
Everlution website design proposal
Second Everlution website design proposal
Everlution ventures page

Everlution HR Posters

Every now and again, Everlution Software would require me to create a poster and some fliers for an upcoming event. I loved these breaks from everyday tasks, as they were a nice chance to flex my creative muscles and create something fun. Here are a few samples!

Everlution Boat Party poster
Everlution Xmas Party poster

Rocket Turtle

This game was created for Vivo Miles while I worked at Everlution Software, but was sadly dropped due to time constraints. The illustrations for the animals and backgrounds were created by my wonderful colleague Tom Read.

Rocket Turtle - screenshot

White Cat Marketing

A simple concept design for a design & marketing agency.

White Cat Marketing