Hey! I'm Aidan.

I’m a front-end developer & UI/UX designer in London.

I am currently contracting under my limited company Polyprism. Please visit my YunoJuno profile to find out when I'm next availabe!

Point Me There


Point Me There is a mobile app (created in HTML5 and converted using Phonegap) to point you directly to a location using GPS only. It is ideal for navigating abroad when you want to avoid data usage, for country walks when you can't get any signal, or anywhere where maps may not be the best solution.

Point Me There screenshots
The toughest part of this project, frustratingly, was getting Phonegap working correctly. The App's framework was just based on basic Backbone/Marionette views and some maths for GPS triangulation.



Manta is Everlution's white-label HR application for small to medium-sized companies. A culmination of three years of design and development across 7-8 different people, I was very happy to see this one go live! The frontend is built with Backbone & Marionette.

Manta Homepage
This was the final marketing page. The design and all the core styling for the marketing pages was created by me.
Manta Homepage - alternate design
This was another of my proposals for the Manta pre-login pages. I personally liked this one more, as I felt it fit better with the aesthetic of the internal pages, but unfortunately the other was chosen and this one got binned.
Manta Internal pages
The profile page. All the designs for the internal pages were created by me, and I contributed about 30% of all the bespoke front-end code - the majority of the CSS, and a large portion of the HTML and Javascript.
Manta Internal page
A screenie of the Apps section design, intended to provide users with the ability to create their own apps to plug into our system.
Manta Mobile screenshots
Mobile versions of the internal app pages, for our mobile site.

Manta Iconfont

Live example

I created a bespoke iconfont for Everlution, since there was a fair few icons I required that couldn't be fulfilled with a standard iconfont.

Manta Iconfont

encrypt my shit


A favour for a friend, I styled the front-end for the encrypted file-upload service 'encryptmyshit'. There was no design for this project apart from the logo, since it was quite small, so I just jumped straight into the CSS and boshed it out in an afternoon.

Encryptmyshit - Homepage
The homepage is all that really needed designing, and my friend was luckily happy with the first thing I threw together (gotta' love relaxed clients).

New Tab Clock

Google Chrome Webstore

Created for myself, this simple page replaces Chrome's 'New Tab' page with a clean, minimal clock.

New Tab Clock - analogue screenshot
Dark version with analogue clock
New Tab Clock - digital screenshot
Light version with 12 hour clock

EFT Mind

Book cover design for eftmind.com

They say you should never do design for family members; luckily, this one went relatively smoothly! The finished book cover can be seen on the EFT Mind website.

EFT Mind book cover design
The website homepage - used to access data on their different products

Law Business Research

Another project created at Everlution Software, these designs were for an internal marketing/tracking app for LBR called 'Asgard'. Unfortunately due to the closed nature of the project, I can't demonstrate my development work, but it consisted of HTML, CSS and Javascript (using Backbone & Marionette).

LBR Asgard homepage
The website homepage - used to access data on their different products
LBR Asgard product page
Product statistics page. The top bar reflects the general color scheme of the product
LBR Asgard new statistics page
This page allows the user to add their own custom statistics

Vivo Miles


During my time at Everlution Software, I did a lot of work for Vivo Miles, one of our partner companies. Amongst this work was a redesign and build for their front-end website. I was given an absurdly short timescale (approximately three weeks to design and build the whole website), so despite having to use a few hacky shortcuts, I'm proud of the work I managed to get done.

Vivo Miles - School rewards system
This is the homepage (which unfortunately has now been replaced). The background image could be switched out by the Marketing team, and the feed is pulled in as JSON from Vivo's Insights blog.
Vivo Miles - About page
Vivo Miles - Why Vivo page
The carousel image on this page moves across the screen with CSS animation, showing different gifts.
Vivo Miles - For Schools page
A sample of another of the marketing pages, which can be found at vivomiles.com/#products



When I first started at everlution, their website was pretty basic and they didn't really have a brand or styleguide. I came up with a bunch of logo proposals, stationery and new website designs, and the favourites got spliced into everlution's new brand. The website was also built by me, though since it was before the 'javascript uprising', it was built with PHP partials (please don't judge!)

Everlution logo icon proposals
The final, chosen logo is featured at the top.
Everlution website design proposal
The first design proposal wasn't chosen - at the time, the design was a little too simple for current trends.
Second Everlution website design proposal
The second design proposal, which then went on to be built.
Everlution ventures page
A design for a later addition to the site.

Everlution HR Posters

Every now and again, Everlution would require me to create a poster and some fliers for an upcoming event. I loved these breaks from everyday work, as they were a nice chance to flex the creative muscles and make something cool. Here are a few samples!

Everlution Boat Party poster
We had a party. On a boat! This was great fun to design.
Everlution Xmas Party poster
This was for our Christmas party; who knew stacking color dodge layers could be so exciting?!

Base Creative Agency

Before my time at Everlution, I worked for a startup called 'Base Creative Agency' in Bournemouth for a couple of Months. Here are a few samples of the work I did for them!

Staff Canteen - Homepage mockup
A mockup for The Staff Canteen, a website dedicated to bring together chefs of all ranks for discussions, recipe sharing, etc.
Base CMS - Form builder
Base Creative had spent a fair while developing their own custom CMS, and asked for me to redesign the internals in an attempt to white-label the product and make some money out of it. This is one of the pages, the form builder.

Rocket Turtle

Play the game

This game was created for Vivo Miles while I worked at Everlution Software, but was unfortunately canned due to time constraints. You can play the game (albeit in its unfinished form) below. The illustrations for the animals and backgrounds were created by my fantastic friend and ex-colleague Tom Read.

Rocket Turtle - screenshot

White Cat Marketing

A basic mockup for a design & marketing agency a couple friends and I were going to create. The idea is still on hold for financial reasons, but hopefully I'll be able to pick this up again later.

White Cat Marketing



I am an avid redditor and also a huge fan of minimalism in design (and lifestyle), so I adopted full moderation of the subreddit /r/minimalism and redesigned it to fit the subject. I still moderate and frequent the sub on a regular basis; if you're keen on minimalism, please drop by and have a look!

/r/minimalism homepage design